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Interview resources, build your own X, a list of great public APIs, and more

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This post was originally published on The Smart Coder.

GitHub is the number one platform for sharing all kinds of technologies, frameworks, libraries, and collections of all sorts. But with the sheer mass also comes the problem to find the most useful repositories. So I have decided to curate this list of ten fantastic repositories that provide great value for all software engineers. All of them have a lot of GitHub stars, underlining their relevance, popularity, and usefulness.

Some of them will help you learn new things, some will help you build cool things, and all of them will help…

4. Read books on software architecture

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Want to step up your game as a software engineer in 2021 and looking for advice on what to improve on? Here are some tips on what you can focus on to become a better developer.

1. Learn How To Write Clean Code

If you are a software engineer or architect (or you aspire to be one), then I think this is the most critical advice that I can give you. If you don’t know how to write clean code, then read up on the various books and blogs on the subject. Here’s a good starting point: Clean Code by Robert C. Martin.

It won’t hurt if…

11. Learn how to implement security measures properly

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Whether you are already an experienced developer or just starting out, if you want to become really good in this industry, you need to constantly sharpen your skills to stay relevant. Here are some of the most valuable skills for developers to tackle this year.

Of course, you won’t need all of them and this list isn’t complete. But it should give you a good idea of what to learn next or what to improve on.

1. Practice Coding Every Day

Practice coding every day — even if it’s just for 30 minutes. This will help you learn the best development practices and grow your…

Practical advice for programmers

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If you are a new developer or have some experience in coding but want to improve and advance to the next level, here is my advice as someone who’s spent more than 12 years in tech.

1. Learn How To Communicate With Other People

Communication is crucial both at work and in your personal life. Without communication, we couldn’t survive! But when it comes to communicating with other people on work projects, things have gotten more complicated because we can’t always see each other face to face. These days, we’re doing a lot remotely via Slack, Skype, or simply by writing emails back and forth.

This means that…

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A leader is not necessarily a boss, though most great leaders are bosses. A boss can be anyone who manages the work and behavior of others for pay. Becoming a great leader is just an extension of that. It’s the ability to attract, influence, and motivate employees in such a way that they will collectively perform at their highest levels.

Being a good boss means being able to make decisions that affect your team while being fair and understanding how those decisions will impact them. …

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I have loved computers since I was a kid and have been fascinated by the way computers work ever since. As I grew up, I started spending a lot of time on my computer during school holidays and after school, which eventually led to me becoming an IT professional and working as an IT consultant in various roles.

This article is aimed at those who may be thinking about a career in IT or have decided to pursue it and just need some guidance on how to do it.

It contains lots of information that has helped me over the…

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Blogging is an excellent way to bolster your reputation as a developer. You can share the knowledge you’ve gained over years of experience, and inspire other developers. The more interesting, useful content you have, the more people will follow you. This can lead to further opportunities for yourself or your company, such as consulting gigs or new job offers.

Here are some great reasons why you should start blogging as a developer as soon as possible:

1. It’s a great way to get better at writing

Learning to write well is extremely difficult. Even after I’ve written tens of thousands of words, it still takes me a fair amount of…

Soft skills take time to develop. However, they’ll ensure a fulfilling career

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The term “soft skills” has been used quite a lot in recent years. While it is often considered an old-fashioned — sometimes even ridiculed — term, the importance of social and emotional intelligence for those who work in software development cannot be underestimated. As much as code quality, technical skills, and other “hard” aspects of engineering matter, communication and collaboration are what really make a sound engineer great at what they do.

I will not talk about soft skills from a theoretical point of view in this article. …

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As a profession, software engineering is experiencing a massive transformation. Coding is increasingly less about lines of code and more about problem-solving with data. The rise of AI and IoT has changed the way we build software. There are other significant shifts, too, in terms of how we work as teams, the tools we use, and the skills needed to be an excellent engineer.

In this article, I will cover some advice that I think will help you stand out as a software engineer in 2021.

The ability to code is not enough

To become a software engineer in 2021, you have to communicate your ideas and…

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Many of us admire Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos for their tremendous success and wonder what their habits are and what they do differently. But, it’s often not the secret habits of successful people but rather the bad habits of unsuccessful people that make the difference, though. In an interview, Elon Musk said that unsuccessful entrepreneurs’ most common mistake is that they spend their time on things they don’t like doing.

Here are seven everyday habits that might separate successful people from the unsuccessful. …

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